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I’ve seen some blog/social media posts that leave me confused by their conflicting messages.  First was the message to always be knocking on doors to find the one God will open.  The opposing post said that sometimes God wants us to kick the door down and get through it.  So how do I know when to knock and when to kick?  What happens if I kick a door down I was supposed to knock on.  The second was a message to be on my knees in prayer, asking God for direction and wisdom.  The opposing post said God answers prayers when I am out serving him.  So when am I supposed to be on my knees and when am I supposed to be out serving to receive answer to prayers.

Here’s the deal as far as I see it.  Opinions are just like, well, there are a lot of opinions out there.  The opinions I am most skeptical of are the opinions offered without request and these include the opinions that sound great on social media boards.  How often are people who are diligently searching for God confused because they don’t know if they should be on their knees knocking or on their feet kicking?

If someone were to ask me, I’d say I serve God when in motion and listen to God when I’m still.  How often do you find yourself hearing what others are saying when you are active or busy?  I can tell you I need to be still to really listen, to focus, to hear deeply.  And that is how I want when I am in the presence of God, to listen and hear Him deep in my being.

I guess I need to be more careful when sharing words of wisdom on Facebook or Twitter.  It could be that the wisdom I share is confusing as that hot place we talk about to the next person.

I don’t want to be confused when it comes to hearing God’s message and seeking His will.

Grace and peace.