Thanks to Joey Cope for sharing this blog post on his Facebook page.  I’m borrowing it for today’s post…

I’m one who is evaluating how I life my life and represent myself as a Christ-follower.  I certainly am not where I think I should be or what God is calling me to but I feel like I am on the journey.  I know my thoughts don’t agree with my of my friends thoughts on what it means to follow Christ, what we are called to, what we should and should not be doing.  I hope they always know I speak my mind with how I think it applies to me and they can take it or leave it.  I just need to be able to say things out loud sometimes.

I wonder what I would be doing today if Jesus was physically walking the earth, hanging out in and around Decatur, Texas.  Would I be writing a blog post?  Would I be calling someone to fix my swimming pool?  Would I be scheduling which Texas Rangers game I was going to?  Would I spend my money differently?  I believe I’m called to live radically different from the world but afraid too often I live like the world.  It’s part of the inner conflict that I battle daily.

The following post puts words to some thoughts I have.  I’m glad to be able to link it here and will read it over in the days to come.

Grace and peace.