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My friends know that when they don’t hear from me, something is wrong.  Not in the sense that something bad has happened to me physically but that I am emotionally and/or spiritually unraveling.  I like silence but usually am not silent with my closest friends for long.  Silence for more than a couple of days sends up red flags to those people.  It’s not good.

It makes me wonder what happens when God is silent.  Does that indicate things are not good?  I ask because I’m not hearing anything from God right now.  He may be screaming at me but for some reason I’m hearing nothing.  Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.

I need to hear something.  I’m terrified right now.  God is silent and my emotions are way out on the edge.  I’m blowing up at nothing, at people I love, at anything that moves.  I’m battling through it and I’m forcing myself to reach out to some folks right now, seeking prayers from some and advice from others and both from a few.

I pray I hear God’s voice soon.  Or see a sign.  I just want to know He remembers me.

Grace and peace.