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What makes people do what they do?  Senseless violence in Boston during the Boston Marathon.  Three innocent people killed.  Why?

I was at lunch when I saw the first report about the bombs going off in Boston.  I was enjoying a nice lunch with a friend.  A peaceful, sunny day.  People around talking business.  Laughing.  Eating with a toddler.

Thousands of miles away, people where killed, injured, scared, confused, enraged.

My conflict resolution training teaches me to search for the interests, the underlying reasons that make people do what they do.  I’m not sure I would care to know what makes a person set off a bomb killing innocent people.  I’m not sure I could look at them as a child of God were I in the same room.  Had it been my daughter or son that was killed, I shutter to think what might happen if I was within 20 feet of that person.

I hope I would be the picture of Christ-likeness.  I wouldn’t place any bets on it but it’s something to hope for.

I hurt for those who are hurt and for those who have lost innocent loved ones.  I have compassion for them.  I would be willing to do anything needed for them.

I hurt for the people who have hearts hardened so much that they would kill innocent people but I’m not sure how far my compassion would extend to them for what has driven them to this action.

I pray for everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston.  God, give them peace and comfort and hope.

Grace and peace.