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Many of us know the feeling of the day the wheels came off.  When things seemed to be going good, or at least OK, and then control was lost and the crash came.  I remember the day the wheels came off and my life hasn’t been the same since.  In fact, it seems the vehicle I’m riding in is still careening and slamming into hard objects as I slide out of control.

Times are tough.  I’m trusting God but the answers are coming slowly and I wonder just how bad it’s going to get.  I’ve read the story of Job and wonder if I’m not on the same track.  I’m not anywhere as righteous as Job either.

I am blessed with good friends and would not trade for that.  They lift me up and offer words of encouragement.  I am not blessed with a large bank account and that is what scares me.  When you go through the “emergency account” things change.  I know.

Oh Lord, I pray your my current status is not your answer.  I pray there is something around the corner that will reverse this place I’m in and that you will provide for me so that I may provide for those I love the most.  Hear my plea, Lord.

Grace and peace.