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Tim Tebow is berated for his Christian beliefs and planning to speak at a church that speaks out against homosexuality.

Jason Collins is praised as courageous and a hero for publicly saying he is homosexual.

Those who are supposed to be so inclusive, the GLBT community, or very inclusive to those who agree with them and profit from them.  They are pretty exclusive when it comes to Christians who simply state their belief of what the Bible says.

Then there are Christians bashing those who call Collins courageous.  Well, he is.  It’s hard to admit a secret.  I have had to admit some secrets and it was VERY hard.  They were secrets that disappointed some.  That played a role in destroying a family.  That today has some Christians still talking about me and treating me like a lesser human.  Collins admission isn’t that much different other than he is admitting it in a society where many will praise him for his action.  Still, it takes courage.

It seems what many from both sides are missing is love.  Fortunately, I have had many, many people who have surrounded me with love.  My life is full of pain but it is modified by the people who are living out the call of Christ to love me.  Christ-followers need to love Collins and the GLBT community.  Those are all children of God who are under the same attacker as I am.  The GLBT community needs to love those who disagree with them and who want to love them even though we think their lifestyle is in opposition to God’s desire.  We all have desires that tempt us.  God doesn’t want me to have sex with a woman I’m not married to just because I think I love her anymore than he wants two people of the same sex having sex because they think that is who they love.

I do believe this…our society will reap what it sows.  When we celebrate the things that are not from God and when we celebrate the things we have decided to OK in God’s image, we will get what we are asking for.

Please Lord, open our eyes and our hearts to your desire.  Fill us with love that we may overflow with it to all we meet.  Our world doesn’t need more rules, just more of you.  We don’t need more legislation, just more of you.  We don’t need more churches or programs, just more of you.  Lord, lead us to yearn for more of you.

Grace and peace.