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There are some good things that come with not having a job.  One, people I meet with buy my lunch most of the time even though I asked for the meeting.  Two, I get some Godly advice.  (The downsides are that I am going to need to buy a lot of lunches when I get a job and some advice is less than Godly, even depressing at times.)  That said, I met a guy for coffee the other day.  It was our first time meeting.  He was a friend of a very good friend and a strong believer.  I told him about my times of depression, of panic, of wondering if God was on the journey with me and was going to answer my prayers in a positive way.  Here was the response…

“You can pray very hard for what you want and God will answer your prayers.  Or, you can pray very hard for God’s perfect will to be done in His timing and God will answer your prayers.  Which prayer do you want answered?”


I want God’s perfect will answered in His perfect timing.  Oh, I may not keep encouraging Him to advance His perfect answer a little faster but I rather it be God’s design than mine.  I’ve seen what I can do with life…I think I will prefer God’s plan for my coming days.

Grace and peace.