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“The problem with clarity is you might not like what you see.” – Ryan Morrison

My friend spoke these words this weekend and they have stuck with me.  I always want to see the picture more clearly thinking it will bring understanding and insight.  While that is true, I seldom think I might not like what I see; that seeing the truth may call for changes, major changes, even hard changes.  I want clarity when it brings me new hope and new paths full of roses and sunshine.  I am not as big a fan of clarity when it helps bring light to the dark I didn’t have to look at before.

Seeing God with more clarity is a double edged sword.  I get to see the Creator and Savior of all, the LORD sitting on a throne shining more brightly than I can begin to imagine right now.  And in this moment, I also can see the areas where God wants to keep molding, shaping, chiseling to remake me into His image.  In the long run (which is where my focus really needs to be), the molding and re-shaping will make me stronger, more refined but there may be pain in the making.

It is in these moment of clarity I get to choose what I want – comfort or joy.  Comfort for today or joy for the days to come.  With clarity, I can see where I am and I can see where I am headed.  What I fail to realize is that even in the comfort I think I might have today, there is worry, fear, trepidation about what might happen next.  In looking to the future, I can see the journey has turns, bumps and hills to climb but I can appreciate, if not enjoy, those obstacles knowing there is great beauty and peace ahead.

Grace and peace.