How much planning do I need to do?  I can only respond to what happens today, so why do I spend so much time thinking about 20 other things that could happen?

Yesterday, I was in a Bible class discussing Nehemiah.  The teacher suggested Nehemiah had spent much time planning what he would say to the King if given the opportunity to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls.  As I have thought about that lesson, I don’t think Nehemiah had thought much about it at all.  He had simply prayed for favor, not solutions.  I think Nehemiah may have simply been reacting with thoughts God was pouring into his head because he was open to God’s design.

I think I often plan God right out of the picture.  Or, I create an elaborate plan and ask God to do what I need Him to do to fulfill my grand plan.  Maybe I have it backwards?

Grace and peace.