Facebook is wearing me out of late.  I should restate that.  Some of my friends on Facebook are wearing me out.  Oh, it’s not the first time.  It happens plenty during election season or whenever some event comes to the news with an opportunity to rant and rave.

Trayvon Martin. Racism. Paula Deen. Texas abortion law. Homosexual marriage rights. Gun control.

I have not killed anyone.  I know I have hurt a lot of people but I have never taken a gun and killed someone.  When it happens, for whatever reason, it is a tragedy.  How many self-professed Christians are condemning Martin or the guy who shot him for their respective actions?  Is it not time for solemn prayer and closed mouths?  How many people have had their spirit killed by the actions of professed Christians who used their own desire or demons to run someone in the ground?

Paula Deen said something she should not have said.  I do not know what it was but if Deen apologized for saying it, I think it safe to assume she should not have said it.  How many words have come out of my mouth I wish I was able to pull back in.  I have self-professed Christian friends on Facebook ripping into Deen and I have self-professed Christian friends on Facebook ripping into those who are ripping into Deen.  (Or is it Dean?)  Is it not time to shut up/stop typing and pray for healing to whomever was offended or hurt?

I believe abortions are wrong.  I believe abortions kill children.  Personally, I find it ironic that some of those most adamant for gun control or also so adamant for “choice”, also called murder by me.  Facebook is alive and well with opinions.  Would it not be more effective for true Christ-followers to gather and pray for the women and doctors and nurses who have performed these abortions.  Yes, they are making a mistake.  Yes, they are taking innocent lives.  Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

I have made so many mistakes.  I have hurt so many innocent people.  I have led people away from Christ with my words and my actions.  How I hope, and pray, that I have not killed the soul of one who may have come to know Jesus.  Today, at this moment, I am aware enough of my own failings that I simply humble myself before God and cry out, “there, but for the grace of God, go I.”

Father, forgive me for self-righteousness.  Forgive me for failing to see deep hurt and searing pain in your children.  Open my eyes.  Open my ears.  Open my heart.  I pray for an end to bickering and the dawn of a new age of Christ-like love and compassion.  Start with me Lord.  I am guilty.  I am willing.  I want to live in obedience.  Even more, I want to live in freedom and pure joy.  Give me wisdom, speak through my words, speak through my actions.  I want to be a peacemaker and a reflection of your son.

Grace and peace.