I love the opportunity to preach but dread the preparation.  I’m such an over-analyzer at times that I can create mounds of paper or way too many open tabs in my browser looking at stuff I want to use.  Of course, I can easily cram 30-40 scriptures into a 35 minute sermon if I’m not careful.  My challenge is preaching is usually the editing…but I do love to talk about the Gospel.

I talked about identity.  It’s a topic that I’ve mentioned here more than once of late and something that is still swirling in my head.  I keep going over the questions of a) who am I? and b) who has God created me to be?  When the answers to those two questions intersect, I can only imagine what God can do with me then.

Who am I?  I usually see myself as the sum of my bad choices.  I look back over my history and see where I went wrong and that gives some explanation as to why I am where I am.  Separated from my children too much of the year.  Divorced.  Unemployed.  I see the pattern of what I wrote and know that my mind is thinking that is who I am.  Treacherous.  Depressing.

Who has God created me to be?  Well, Myers-Brigg and StrengthFinders have shown me quite a bit about my leanings, strengths, preferences and such.  They say I’m a teacher, counselor, friend with deep relationships, able to see people’s gifts they may not even see, able to develop people to be more than they thought they could be, able to put things together to create something greater than the individual parts.  Exciting.  Energizing.

The two thought processes are on opposite paths.  Something has to change for them to intersect and let God’s brilliance shine through.

I’m working on it.

I’m hopeful.

I have faith.

I know who wins in the end!

Grace and peace.