When I was younger, I had more bounce.  On the basketball court, I could get knocked down from a charge and bounce back up.  The pain wasn’t really noticeable.  The reaction time was swift.  I was back in the flow in no time.

I don’t bounce as well these days.  I get knocked down and it takes time to get back up.  Sometimes I get back up pretty quickly but the pain lasts for awhile.  Other times I just can’t re=engage until a resting period or a healing period.

I’m ready to bounce back and move forward but for some reason, the door isn’t open to do that.  For some reason, the way is blocked.  In the meantime, I’m still recovering wondering when things will get better.

They say attitude determines altitude.  My attitude is that I’m ready to get back in the game.  I’ll play with a bruise and I’ll play hard.  I just need the coach to let me back in the game.  My mind says I’m ready.  It tells me I’m being wasted on the bench right now.  I want to make a difference but I need the opportunity.

I’m ready to bounce.

Grace and peace.