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I had breakfast with a friend who said something to me that I thought was profound.  I was sharing my struggles with him and he said, “I’m not here today to offer encouragement.  It really doesn’t help does it?  I’m here today hoping I offer you a word of revelation.”  Wow!

He was so on target.  Revelation gives me something to chew on.  Revelation doesn’t tell me that today will be a good day, it tells me there are things bigger than me to consider.  Revelation engages my mind and makes me explore.  I have plenty of people offering me encouragement and, honestly, I appreciate it but it isn’t helping.  The longer I go without employment, the worse I feel and the shorter amount of time the encouragement helps.

I feel abandoned by God right now.  I feel isolated and alone.  Unused and thrown away.  Encouragement lifts me up for a brief time and then the fall back to the bottom comes and hurts worse.  Revelation challenges me to explore, to read, to seek God and ask why I feel this way, and, if it’s real or imagined.

I had a talk with God today.  I told him how I was feeling.  I pleaded with him to reveal his ways to me.  I don’t feel encouraged.  I don’t feel brighter about the future.  I don’t think things are going to be OK.  But I talked to God and that’s a start to something.  It’s a start because for the last two weeks I haven’t felt like communicating with God.  I’ve been in relationships where communication was poor.  It’s easy for me to isolate and not talk but that doesn’t really resolve anything, does it?  So today, I talked.  I opened up and communicated.  I talked to God because a friend reminded me the importance of revelation.  And it reminded me of this…

Third Day’s Revelationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u0P9kwfF4s (It’s 5 minutes long and you have to endure a commercial)

Grace and peace.