Today is my daughter’s 19th birthday.  What a treasure she is in my life.  The day she was born she grabbed my little finger and, in my mind, she has never let go.  She may not be perfect but I wouldn’t know it.  She gets more beautiful, inside and out, every time I see her.  She is intelligent, a deep thinker and imagines how things should be.

I have been blessed by her gentle heart.  She seems a child who looks for ways to make me happy and just the thought of that makes me happy.  I know she must struggle with things in her life and I wish I could make all those things go away, or have all the right answers for her.  I can’t and I don’t but I know she has the ability to work through them and move forward.

She is good with her money.  She is creative.  She is a dreamer.  She is grounded.

I pray her relationship with God is primary in her life and she is learning to rely on Him for everything.  I remember a disagreement we had one time where her pointed response was, “well, I don’t have a great example, do I?”  I was the example she was referring to of course.  At first, I was mad but held my tongue.  I’m glad I did because I finally responded to her that if I was her example, her sights were set too low.  Jesus needed to be her example.  I hope that is a lesson that sticks with her in the days ahead.  I know she will have tough ones.  Yet, I still see her as an angel and believe she will be able to fly through those times shining brightly.

I love her.  She has me wrapped in her little fingers.  She is a priceless gift from heaven above.

Grace and peace.