I recently read Jeff Goins book, The In-Between.  I highly recommend it because it spoke to where I have been and where I am in life.

I want God to respond now.  I’m faithful.  I’m praying.  I’m not perfect but I’m trying.  I read scripture, not enough, but I’m getting better.  I desire to live a righteous life.  So why won’t God respond now.

I’m a contingency planner.  I’m always ready for every adverse thing that might happen.  Or, at least, as many options as I can see.  I’m so focused on what might go wrong that I miss what is going right.  Right now.  In front of me.  In this present moment.

I’m so focused on the moment and moments to come that I miss this moment.  I miss the good feeling of being with someone right now because I’m thinking about what I need to be doing next.  I miss the feeling of wanting to be with someone who isn’t around right now and reminding me how much I appreciate them because I’m thinking about what we might do whenever we get back together.  I miss the opportunity to relax, to give, the read, to talk because there are so many other things I think I need to be thinking about.

I’ll be rolling out some quotes from Goins’ book in future posts because I think it’s dead-on revealing about what I miss in life.

I’m trying to learn to live in the moment.  To appreciate it for what it offers me and teaches me.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Grace and peace.