Life’s journey offers a fantastic view…it only requires me to slow down and look around.  I have sped through life relying on what I know (or think I know) or what someone taught me that I accepted as truth.

I’ve learned that Buddhists have some great insights on suffering.  I see their teaching within the framework of Christianity but the churches I grew up in didn’t talk much about suffering.

I’ve learned that introspection is painful as the layers are peeled away…and freeing as true revelation is revealed.

I’ve learned that faith isn’t easy.  In fact, for me, it is extremely difficult.  I have found myself on my knees, tears flowing like rivers, while hearing myself yell, scream and curse at God.  That’s hard faith because I trust He isn’t going to run like most people would were I doing that to them.  And then there are the days I go without ever talking or acknowledging God because I don’t feel His presence, don’t think He really cares about what happens to me in this life and certainly isn’t using his omnipotence to help my situation.  Faith isn’t easy.

I’ve learned that things I often think are important are really trivial, if not meaningless.  I’ve learned that things that matter the most are often overlooked or taken for granted.

The journey offers so much opportunity to learn.  And often I pass on the opportunity to continue doing what I’ve been doing.

It’s time to open my eyes and my heart to what the journey holds for me.

Grace and peace.