I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul. – Psalms 31:7

One of the challenges of my life is that I have taken refuge in so many places I shouldn’t take refuge.  I have written before about my belief that God leaves a hole in us and we get to choose what we put in that hole.  It’s where I seek refuge from my fears, from my challenges and from the arrows life shoots at me.  I have gone to that place and taken refuge with all the wrong things; things that are of this world and temporary.  I tell you, they are powerful and they help.  They are seductive and easy to access.  They are tangible too and that is certainly one of the biggest attractions.

It’s hard to take refuge in the unseen and untouchable.  At least, it’s really, really hard for me.  I can talk to God but I can’t hear his audible voice.  I can read the Bible but I can’t see him and talk to him about it.

I’m in a place where it is easier to seek refuge in the things I can see and consume.  I know it isn’t what is right and what will last.  It’s just quick and easy and comforting.  It’s in these times I quit communicating.  I turn inside and try to hold off the outside.  I want to hide and hope things change.

Booze doesn’t last.  Drugs don’t last.  Women don’t last.  Gambling doesn’t last.  Shopping doesn’t last.  Pride doesn’t last.  Working doesn’t last.  Exercising doesn’t last.

The Psalmist David knew that.  He knew anguish and affliction and he knew where to seek refuge.  The 31st Psalm is all about it.  My affliction and anguish is all around me and I know I need refuge.  I’m working hard today to seek it in the right place.

Grace and peace.