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Another day, another part of the journey.

I called a friend of the man who hired me yesterday to see if we could have lunch.  I had the sense he was a spiritual man and I thought he could give me insight into some of the players in this messed up situation I find myself working in.  On the way to lunch, at lunch and on the way back the man is quoting scripture like he has a Bible in front of him.  When we pull up to the office, he throws out Jeremiah 33:2-3 which I’ll paraphrase into “God knows way more than I can, even knows what I would never imagine.”  Then I read Jesus Calling yesterday and the devo basically says, “I got this.  I know way more than you and see way more than you.  There are things I’m working on in your behalf you can’t fathom.”

I guess I should be listening to all this, right?

If I think God has used me to talk to people, isn’t it realistic that he is talking to me through other people?  Or writings?

What I hear is “quit worrying, goober.  I’m taking care of things you can’t begin to imagine or understand, or at least, you don’t need to understand or know right now.  Relax.  Take care of today and I’ll take care of the tomorrows.”

I wish it was that easy.  I wish I was that quick of a learner.  I wish my faith was deeper.  I wish, I wish, I wish.  I guess all of that is what is in my hands.  I want to make the big decisions and God simply wants me to make little ones.

Grace and peace.