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I drove by a church the other day that said, “Atheists have believing in their future.”  While I believe that is true, I wonder if that is the message we should be sending atheists.

What about today?  Do they need to believe today?  If so, what is our message to them?  Is “believe today” good enough?

The trouble with signs is they make a place for cute messages but the message often isn’t the one Christ gave.  He said to love.

Love is kind.  Are our signs always kind are do they come across as warnings, or worse, snippy messages.

Love is patient.  Sure, the sign said believing is in their future so patience is afforded in that comment.  However, will we be patient with them?

Love believes all things.  Do we think our cute signs will be the change people need or do we believe that, through love, Christ will work through us for His purpose.  Does that require a sign or a relationship?

I get the purpose of the sign and I understand the church is trying to do a good thing but I hope they will speak and act in love more than in messages on a board.

Love requires patience, love is kind, love believes in people because they are all children of God.  Love is active and constant and takes work.  Love requires relationship and relationship is what truly leads to Christ.

Grace and peace.