The movie “Noah” is coming out soon and I’m hearing stories of Christians bashing the movie for its lack of biblical accuracy.

Good grief.

I don’t think the studio ever said it was biblically accurate.  I don’t think the studio is really trying their hardest to represent the Bible.  I don’t think the studio minds the dust up and free publicity at all.

Good grief.

I always wonder when people start ranting and raving about stuff like this:

how many of them spend money on movies that are not wholesome at all?

how many of them wile away hours watching TV instead of looking like the church?

It’s easy for me to bash them because I sure don’t do all that I need to be doing but leave the movie-makers alone.  Please.  Squabbling over a movie takes away time from what Jesus called us to do anyway, seek and save the lost.

Go seek.  Go save.  Leave the movie business to Hollywood and take care of Christ’s business.

Grace and peace.