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I’m supposed to be at Opening Day at Globe Life Park today cheering on the Texas Rangers, soaking in the sun and enjoying the pageantry of the first day of baseball season.  Instead, I’m 3 hours south in a boring little town on a dreary, cloudy day.  That just ain’t right!

Following God isn’t easy.  We are promised so much but sometimes the weight of our situation and the wait for God’s actions are hard.  I’ve got financial struggles that are heavy on me.  I’ve got emotional struggles that are heavy on me.  I want to throw off the load and let God help but so far nothing has changed.  I want to unload the weight off my shoulders (and mind) because it is wearing me down.  It’s too heavy to keep carrying.  I know God can handle it.  I know God can do unbelievable things.  Yet, I wait for him to remove the weight.  I wait.  And wait.

It seems like I’ve been waiting for months, even years.  And I keep waiting.  I read the stories of God doing great things for his people and sometimes they had to wait years and years and years.  I don’t know if I can make it 40 years waiting on God but those who did saw his faithfulness.  It isn’t easy.  The weight is heavy.  The wait is hard.

I am blessed with good people in my life.  They encourage me to wait on God.  I am thankful to have strong Bible teachers and preachers in my life who can deliver a message I need to hear.  They encourage me to wait on God.

The weight is heavy.  Today is one of those days where I am feeling the strain.  I so deeply want God to come lift it off today, to show me his provision and make it evident and to allow me to quit waiting and let me walk into a land of milk and honey.  I need that today.  I have already begged for it today.

So I wait.  I wait for God.  Some call me crazy.  Others don’t understand.  I may be crazy and I don’t know that I understand it myself.

Yet, in faith I wait.  I will continue to beg God to act quickly, to take me to a place where I can see and live in his bountiful goodness and where I can glorify Him for taking the weight off of me.  Until then, I will still have faith, I will wait and I will choose to believe that He is acting and will act in accordance to His plan I cannot comprehend or understand today.  I trust Him to be true to me.

In faith I will wait.  It is not with joy I wait but with a trust that He will see me through.  In faith I will wait.

Grace and peace.