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Last week I was relaying the story of the Israelites in Exodus 14 to a friend.  I think he is in a place where he has been still waiting on God and now it is time for him to move.  It appears God is ready to part the Red Sea for him but he is still sitting still instead of moving to action so he can cross on dry land.  Granted, I may not know the whole story because he may not have shared every detail but it has put that story back on my mind because of my situation.

Today, I am an Israelite grumbling to Moses about God.  I am frustrated that God has brought me out into the desert and I feel like I am about to be crushed by financial and emotional issues.  I am frustrated because I could have stayed where I was, captive but comfortable.  God took the Israelites out of slavery and led them on a journey.  He gets them next to the Red Sea and the Egyptians are coming for them.  The Israelites cry out that they were better off enslaved than killed in the desert.  I am feeling the same thing.  I am also wrong, just like they were at that time.

What happened next was amazing.  Moses told them to trust in God for deliverance and God ends up parting the Red Sea for them to cross to safety.  After they cross between two huge walls of water and are safe, God allows the Egyptians into that space and drowns them giving the Israelites safety and space.

My patience is thin.  Too thin.  I believe God will do great things for me but I find myself grumbling in the desert right now.  I want the sea parted on my terms and in my timing.

Oh Lord, please speak the words over me you had Moses speak over the Israelites.  YHWH, wrap me in your arms so I feel your presence and know you are fighting for me.  Lord, give me peace that is unexplainable and show me your greatness and power and love and grace.  Oh Lord, I am weak and I ask for these things today in my weakness but I will still trust in you and know your timing is right and good.

Grace and peace.