Sometimes, this is just life.





Sometimes the day just doesn’t go my way.  I have to remind myself from time to time that it is not the events that matter as much as my response to them.  I do not have to like the event or enjoy the event but I do have to accept it and decide what response I will choose.  Sometimes my response comes from weakness and I throw lots of self-pity around.  Sometimes my response comes from strength and I accept whatever happens and do the best I can to respond and keep moving forward.  Sometimes my response is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs of strengths and weaknesses.

My VSW made a statement today that is bouncing around in my head.  “I want to live thankfully.”  What a noble goal.  I am proud of her and thankful for her because I struggle to live thankfully.  I accept so much of the muck that gets dumped on me and do the best I can but still fail to seek the things to be thankful for.  For her.  For family.  For friends.  For hope.  For faith.  For Jesus.

Today I will do my best to try and be more thankful.  It isn’t always easy because I am in a situation that has pulled me away from the people I am most thankful for.  Even though they are not close, they are still a part of my life and I am thankful for that.  I may not do it perfectly, just the best I can.  I won’t expect more of myself than I can give but be thankful for what I can give to being thankful.  That will be enough.

Lord, I am thankful for you and for what you have and can do in my life.  I pray for a big change and I pray it comes today.  I also thank you for VSW for all she means, all she pours into me and the hope she gives me for brighter days.

Grace and peace.