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I recently started a new job and this week is all about learning the resources I have at my disposal to do it well.  It’s overwhelming and I keep thinking about the phrase “drinking water from a fire hydrant” with all the information that is coming my way.  It’s a position that is very different from what I’ve done the past 25 years so I’m learning new things and at the same time knowing that it will better utilize some of the gifts I have.

I ran across one of those Facebook tests tonight that tells you what career you should have.  One of the things I have done informally is serve as the office therapist.  I got a Masters in Conflict Resolution which borders on therapy of sorts.  And the test I took tonight…it said I should be a therapist.

What if we all locked into the careers that utilized our strengths and talents?  What if I didn’t believe I needed more money, a newer car, a bigger house, more gadgets and all the other things that put me in financial bondage?  What if I came home every night knowing I was doing THE thing I was created to do in this life?  What if everyone was doing that very thing?  What kind of world would we live in?

I’m thankful for the opportunity I have today and trust it will give me some satisfaction in achieving the best I can for myself and others and, most importantly, using the gifts God has given me.

Grace and peace.