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Bug Guts

The above is a link to a post I wrote several years ago while going through a storm in life.  Since then I have been through some others.  I have gone through more than my share and I know there are people around me who are going through their own.

I encourage anyone reading this to be aware of the storms those around them are facing.  Give them a hug and let them know they are loved.

I encourage anyone reading this who is going through their own storm to know that brighter days are ahead.  I can’t tell you when and I sure won’t tell you it will be an easy journey, but it will get better.

I encourage anyone who has been through the storms and is now walking in the sunshine to share the love of God and encourage others with hope.

I have been through the storms and today God is leading me on a journey that is bringing great joy.  I will go forward not forgetting the storm while enjoying the peace this part of the trip includes.

Grace and peace.