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My last few posts have been on the rosier side of life and, this day, I still feel I am walking in the abundance of God.  That said, I can’t forget and I won’t forget the trail that I have walked to this point.  It hasn’t been rosy.

My silent prayer this morning was this, “God, I have walked with you to a special place.  Even here, there ares trials.  Please keep walking me through them.”

I’ve met and married an incredible woman.  Because I believe in evil forces, I know we will be under attack to tear away at what is so good.  One of those bombs hit me yesterday and the first thought I had was, “oh no, she’s going to see how weak and fallible I am.”  Now, I’ve told this VSW the worst of the worst about me and she still married me so why do I quickly think all the sudden she will change her mind about me?

The good news is my VSW (by the way, that has changed from “very special woman” to “VERY SPECIAL WIFE”) is strong in her faithfulness to God and her faithfulness to me.  On a day when bad news hit me, I could quickly think back to a special moment for me where she expressed her love all over again.  It was empowering.

I am in a very different place today emotionally and spiritually than I have ever been in my life.  While here, I can’t forget where I have been and that the negative attacks will not cease.  While that may be the case, I am stronger and have a VSW who keeps building me up to get through those problems and move forward.

I can’t forget the past and I will learn from the lessons that came with it.  I also cannot miss the beauty of now and where I am and walk forward believing that we will come out of this even stronger and wiser than we were yesterday.

In the midst of attack I remain thankful.  Full of joy.  Full of grace.

Grace and peace.