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My wife makes me want to stand on the top of a mountain and shout “I am the most blessed, most fortunate man alive!”  I have and will continue to refer to her as my VSW (Very Special Woman/Wife) and each day I seem to find new nuggets that reinforce that designation.  She is special in so many ways and I am so proud to be her husband.

Some of our recent conversations are about the book/movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.  She is an opponent of the movie at a spiritual and emotional level and her conviction is what really got me on another high about being married to her.  She believes the movie is a danger, both to the spiritual condition and the emotional condition and how they intersect and affect people’s lives, especially women.  The movie deals with some sexual activity that is not healthy for either party and my VSW has experience dealing with women who have been subjected to this kind of activity.  She has seen the damage it does and, at it’s extremes, what it can lead to.

From all that I am hearing, I question how anyone can condone the movie and condemn Ray Rice.  Abuse is abuse and “consensual sex” doesn’t mean one party isn’t putting themselves in a position of power and manipulation over the other.  And, as we all know, sometimes “no” or the “safe word” doesn’t work like it should.

I am proud of my VSW’s conviction and desire to do what she believes is right.  I admit I have not read the book or seen the movie and do not plan to do either.  I can simply listen to my VSW and believe that it is not a good thing.  I won’t picket or protest or tell anyone they are wrong for reading/seeing Fifty Shades but I will hope and pray that they will all hear the voice of love and condemn anything that causes one to be controlled or abused emotionally and/or physically.  So, #50dollarsnot50shades is something I will support by giving $50 to the organization my VSW thinks best to support the spiritual and emotional health of women.

Grace and peace.