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My wounds, whether real or imagined, are plentiful and run deep.  I am a sensitive man.  It’s just that simple.  I am sensitive and I am very cognizant of my wounds.  I feel them and the pain from them are easily felt.  Fortunately, I have the ability to keep going through the pain but it does not mean the wounds are not there.

I have felt at times that I was bleeding to death.  Wound after wound.  Wound upon wound.  Emotionally, I have felt I was bleeding to death, accepted it and have been ready for the consequences.  I have not taken care of my health the way I should.  I have not taken care of my thoughts the way I should.  I have not looked forward to the future the way I should.

Then, along comes this woman.  I had seen her around.  I had looked into her eyes and knew there was something special about her but I was not in a position to find out why.  I knew she was different.  I knew she was special.

Now I know she is special.  She is now my wife and I continually see new things in her that remind me how special she is in so many ways.  One of the things that makes her special is that she is tending to and healing my wounds.  Where I once thought I might bleed to death, she is touching and healing.  Last night I had a bad night.  Lots of things went wrong and one of them brought up and opened some old wounds.  As I told my VSW (very special woman/very special wife) what was happening, all she wanted to do was take the trouble away from me.  Where once I was emotionally beaten I was now being emotionally cared for and cared about.  Just as quickly as the wound opened, she was there to take care of it, to apply comfort and to close the wound.  Then, she went beyond closing it and treated it so that it would start to heal and one day soon, only be a scar at most.

Wounds hurt.  They are not pretty and they can be dangerous.  This woman, through her heart and words, is healing my wounds.  Scars may remain and that is OK with me because scars are memories that can help me.  The important thing is that I once thought I might bleed to death and now I think I might be healed.  Where I had once given up caring about things I should care about, I now care again because she is here she loves me enough to help heal the wounds.

I am married to a gift from God.  I am married to a special woman with a special heart.  I am stronger today than I was yesterday and much stronger today than I was 2 years ago.  I am stronger and I see a brighter future ahead because of my gift.  I know joy now.  I know hope now.  I know the goodness of God now.

Grace and peace.