We are called to worship.  We are called to a time and place where the saints gather and worship the Lord.

We are called to rest.  We are called to a sabbath time where the saints rest and worship the Lord.

In between are the days where we are called to be the church, to minister, to love, to teach, to help.

I am not trying to be too literal in the day of worship, day of rest and days of ministry. In our world they all seem to blur together.

My point is this.  Christ’s “church” is called to do a lot more than go to a church service or take a day off to rest but it seems that is often overshadowed by the need to be “at church”.

I remember when I started to love to be at the worship service.  It was when I started missing it for baseball games my son was playing on Sunday mornings.  It was when my life got hard and I had people minister to me at those baseball games unlike anything I had experienced in a worship service.  It was when I was able to reach out and touch some other people at those games and feel God working through me.  It was in those times and times of personal turmoil that I wanted to be with some brothers and sisters who loved me and to share worship with them.  It was after I came to know Jesus personally because of some people who were working in my life when I was hurting and raw that I came to love gathering to worship.  It was during that time I learned that worship isn’t a command so much as a gift.

We are called to be Christ to others more than we are called to worship.  Living Christ-like will drive the desire and passion to worship Christ.

Grace and peace.