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Skechers Donates $3 Million to Save Dogs’ and Cats’ Lives

That’s the headline in a footwear newsletter I get each week.  $3 million to save dog’s and cats’ lives.  Are you serious?  How many dogs and cats wear Skechers anyway?

People are living on the streets of every major and many smaller cities in America.  They have physical, mental and emotional health problems.  They have worn out, dirty, torn clothes and shoes with holes in them.  I wonder what they get from the shoe company?  I’m hoping quite a bit if dogs and cats get $3 million.

I love dogs and cats.  I’ve got 2 dogs, a cat and a goat and I like all of them.  I feed them and let them inside sometimes too.  My wife feeds them REALLY good and lets them in the house as much as she can so I’ve got that going for me too.  That said, if I ever get really rich I’m giving a lot of my money to PEOPLE who need it.  If I own a company that makes products for PEOPLE, I’m giving some of that money away to PEOPLE too.

I wonder how many people in our country that are clamoring for gun control give away money to be used for dogs and cats instead of for mental health issues.  How many people who suffer from terrible things that affect their emotional and physical health could use that $3 million?  How many people wouldn’t be able to obtain guns and use them for all the wrong reasons if we invested more money in ascertaining, treating and curing the problems that cause people to do the bad things they do?

I’m proud to work for a company in the footwear business who donates money to breast cancer awareness and to the VFW who supports the people who have defended our country and freedoms.  They are two organizations that were supported long before I got here and we continue to funnel money towards.  We sell people products and give back to people causes.  Not dogs and cats.

It just drives me bonkers to read that kind of stuff.  A friend of mine told me about a company in California that agreed to match employee donations to help folks in California earlier in the year who were affected by the big storms they had out there.  He said 2/3 of the donations went to animal organizations.  Now, call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem reasonable to take care of the people who need it the most so they can take care of their animals?  I don’t think the animals could take care of the people but I’ve never lived on the left coast so maybe I’m wrong.

$3 million to dogs and cats.  Heck, they could have at least given it to cows and other animals that provide the leather they use, right?

Yes, I know, morbid.  Dark humor is my thing sometimes.  Especially when something drives me bonkers.

Grace and peace.