A leader isn’t driven by his will to win.

The credible leader is driven by his desire to lift others up.

A leader isn’t the first person who steps up.

The credible leaders is given the authority to lead from those around him.

A leader isn’t loud and doesn’t need a microphone.

The credible leader has the ear of the people and they are eager to listen.

A leader isn’t running others down.

The credible leader is focused on the moment and making it count for something.

A leader isn’t the one who addresses conflict with a clenched fist and a loud voice.

The credible leader deals with conflict with his ears first and his thoughts second.

In this season of politics, we see people who want to be leaders by being the loudest, the brashest, the boldest.  We seem them touting their own victories and throwing their own victory parties.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a leader rise from the ranks because he or she had lifted up the people around them?  Wouldn’t it be great to see a leader emerge who had helped people be successful and fulfilled?

A leader isn’t always the loudest guy around.  Often, the leader is the quiet one, the encourager, the teacher, the servant.