I’m boycotting the Oscars.  #whogivesaflip

Yep, that’s my hashtag.  Who cares?  If a movie is good, it makes lots of money.  If a movie is good, the people who like it will watch it.  Other #whogivesaflip #Oscars2016

All this stuff about too white and not enough diversity.  Good grief.  How many awards programs are there for segments of the community?  BET.  LBQTRZ (I don’t know all those letters).  It seems like every color and every special interest has their own award show so who cares who gets nominated at the Oscars.  If it’s the best, quit going to the awards that aren’t the best.  I played basketball and I was never excited about playing in the consolation game.  I loved to play so I played my hardest in every game but playing for 3rd place was just a game.  Nothing special.  If they wouldn’t have had the 3rd place game I would not have cared.  I wanted the championship…the best.

While I am a proponent of #whogivesaflip #Oscars2016 there is one lady who might make it interesting.  I don’t think she’s a fan of political correctness either.

Say What You Mean

So, while chances are 99.999% I won’t watch a second of the Oscars (or any other award show), she might make it interesting enough to keep an ear on the fallout.

Otherwise, #whogivesaflip #Oscars2016.

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