When one group rises up, other groups go on the defensive.  I think it has probably always been that way.

Black Lives Matter.  No doubt, it’s a good cause but it is a group that defines itself and by the first word of it’s name/motto.  All lives matter.  Black, white, brown and all the other colors matter.  A white guy just got shot in Saginaw, Texas because he was acting stupid around armed policemen.  His life mattered too.  All lives matter.  So, when Beyonce uses the Super Bowl to promote Black Lives Matter when she could be inclusive to all lives…well, it’s just sad to me.

Believe In Love.  The Super Bowl was held outside of San Francisco so what a great time to promote the gay-rights agenda.  However, one one group rises us, others will get defensive and it will happen here too.  Next year the Super Bowl is in Houston.  How will America feel if the organizers use that time to support gun ownership rights?  Will there be a bunch of folks on the field promoting open carry?

You get the idea.  Whenever we organize into a “group” we become inclusive to some degree if not completely.  I wonder if the day will ever come when we unite under the group called “One” and we all matter.  We will never all agree but can we unite under one banner?

I want to express my message just as much as the next group.  I want to share the good news that Christ died for all of our sins, that there is hope and grace and mercy for all.  I want to share how simple life can be when we live the way God intended and anything outside of that makes life harder, more complicated, burdened.  Of course I won’t get a Super Bowl spot to do that because most people want to live a different way.  It’s not about choice because I make the choice to try and live the way God has called me to live.  Yet, for some, they become defensive about my beliefs and get defensive.  The call me a homophobe.  They call be a racist.  They call me all sorts of things just because they don’t agree with my message.

I get it.  When the Christian message was first being shared, the leader was killed.  Today the killing is often done to character but it doesn’t change that much.  One person makes a statement for their group and the divisiveness begins.

All lives matter.  Love whens in the end.  Peace is possible.  All those things are very real and very possible but not all of them can come to be within the framework of my own agenda.  So, where are we going?  A growing world.  Growing problems.  Growing agendas.  Do we ever lay down our own banner and start walking together as one?

Grace and peace.