An atrocity was committed in the early hours of June 12th.  A man went into a nightclub to kill and injure more than 100 people.  Their offense?  They were different than him.  Different lifestyle.  Different beliefs.  Different religion.  They were different than him.

Can you imagine killing everyone who is different than you?  I cannot.  It is more than sad, more than tragic, more than heartbreaking that someone would choose to kill because of differences.  Oh yes, it has happened throughout time and will continue to happen into the future, most likely, but that doesn’t change the atrocity of killing because of differences.

Those people who were murdered and injured are someone’s son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, confidant, employee.  They are people.  Disagree with their lifestyle, disagree with their choices but do not kill and maim for it.  Do not let your fears drive you to hatred and then to destruction of lives.

Omar was not a good person.  He hated people for something that he didn’t like.  He was acquaintances with some really, really bad people.  Our FBI checked him out because of it but still let him have firearms and a security guard license.  (I don’t understand that one but little our government does resonates with my idea of common sense.)  He proclaimed allegiance to bad people, to ISIS, who kills and mutilates for their own agenda of what is right and correct…much like Hitler before them.  Omar wasn’t a good person.

Well hurting for the individuals and families of the victims, I struggle with the LGBT leaders.  They call their “community” to stand apart, to be singled out and yet seem shocked when they are singled out.  They want recognition of this event to shed light on their cause instead of being a reminder that we are ALL a part of this senseless killing.  A terrorist struck America.  Shouldn’t we all stand together as Americans?  Yes, he chose to strike a club catering to homosexuals but where should the focus really be.  On the smaller group or the larger group.  LGBT leaders are still trying to stand apart instead of claiming their role as a part of the national community.  One lady on TV last night who was labeled as the first openly gay commissioner in that are said she was frustrated by the people who chose to show up now to help the LGBT community.  Really?  Maybe all those people are showing up now to help their neighbors, their countrymen…not just a segment of the population.  Today, another person representing LGBT rights was sharing his thoughts on CNN that this event should spur Congress to sign legislation preventing employment discrimination.  Really?  Is this the platform to discuss that topic?

I’m sickened by the horrific crime committed against the people in Orlando.  I hope people will realize it is in these dark times we must be “a part”, not “apart” to combat these heinous actions by misdirected zealots.

Grace and peace.