What if we knew the problems the people around us were dealing with daily?  What if people knew my fears?  What if people knew the things that cause me emotional pain?  What if people knew I was scared they wouldn’t like me if they really knew my sins?

When I went through a divorce, I had several people surround me with love.  I could not have made it without them but it was always easier to think about the people who were telling stories about me.  Some were true, many were not and it scared me to think about how others would see me based on gossip and rumors.  Yet, it was the people who were empathetic to me who carried me through.  It was the people who cried with me and heard my pain stories.  It was the people who had walked in my shoes of pain and told me I would get through it, maybe a little battered and bruised, but I would get through it.

What if the world was full of empathy?  What if my community was full of empathy?  How much stronger would we be?  What if people who had a drinking problem felt like they could talk to someone about their fears or pains that caused them to drink?  What if people who had a pornagraphy or sexual addiction problem felt like they could talk to someone about their wounds that drove them to those things?  What if the person who has been abused sexually felt like they could tell someone how it made them feel?

I have been exposed to so much pain in the world in the past few years and my empathy runs wild.  It has pushed me to reach out to some folks I know who feel hurt by things in life and get to know their story and try to understand how to teach others to hear these stores and love on these people.

What if we reach a point where people really care about other people?

Grace and peace.