It’s time to write again.  I took a sabbatical and may explain it one day, but suffice it to say I’m ready to share again, to use this space for dreaming and ruminating and healing.  I’m reminded lately of the challenges that life brings.

I have a friend who’s marriage is spiraling downwards.  A friend who is having to deal with health issues that are very challenging.  A friend who is having to look inward and figure out what is driving some bad behavior.  I’m in a Bible study with a bunch of men who have differing viewpoints on church, politics, and life.  Very interesting.  I’m in another Bible study with a young couple who are early in a journey of pursuing Jesus.  My dad recently died and I’m worried about my mom.  My wife’s parents are battling illnesses.  I am battling challenges at work and working on what the future might hold.

Life has lots of challenges.  Lots of conflict.  Lots of suffering.  It is also filled with beauty and things that can bring us joy depending on how we want to view life.  What do you look for…problems, conspiracy, shortcomings, failure?  If you look for it you will find it.  I think we all agree that is not a profound statement but one that is often forgotten.  The people I know who look for the beauty in life, the blessings, the things they can be grateful for…those people seem to find it often.  I’ve spent a few years making the transition.  I can see a lot of problems in this world but I prefer to look for the gems and deal with the problems as they occur.

I’m back on the wagon and will likely address problem issues but it is because I see so much beauty in life and want to move forward past the problems.  It could be a bumpy ride.  I have a lot to sort out and think through.  I’m not a rocket scientist and sometimes it takes me trying things multiple times.  My only perfection is in how totally imperfect I am…but growing, dreaming and looking for beauty.

What are you looking for?

Grace and peace.