It makes me sad to see ignorance and hatred come together.  It makes me sad to see people rejected and put down.  It makes me sad to hear people only want their point of view expressed and heard.  It makes me sad when I hear people who claim Christ take up the banner of the powerful and not the weak.  What I have seen in Charlottesville makes me sad.  What I haven’t seen on Facebook makes me sad.

A football player who took a stance against what he perceived as an injustice was verbally whipped in public on Facebook.  Those same people who ranted so vigorously about the football have largely remained silent in the face of the horrible, disgusting actions of racists and hatemongers in Charlottesville.

I don’t agree with the football players actions and I said so in a post.  My dad and my uncle wore U.S. military uniforms and fought for our freedoms and, in my mind, standing to honor the flag is standing to honor them.  My dad and my uncle wore U.S. military uniforms and fought for our freedoms and, in my mind, not standing up and speaking against hatred and fear of someone because of skin color, country of origin or anything else does not honor them.

I believe in Jesus Christ.  I believe he died on the cross for everyone.  I believe he sees us as equals and I believe we were all made in God’s image.  Somewhere, we messed that image up but in the meantime, for me to honor Christ, I have to love everyone in the face of ignorance.  I have to pick up the brother who is pushed down by the bully and I have to let the bully know that I love him because Jesus loved him first.  I have to stand in the gap for the one who isn’t strong enough to stand for himself because Jesus is standing in the gap between me and Satan.

I am saddened by what I see in our country but I also realize it is what we have been promised since the fruit was eaten in the garden.  This world is not our  home and I am ready to get home.  In the time between now and then, I have to love those who aren’t lovable and I have to support those who are the victims of ignorance, hatred and brutality.

I am a child of the south.  I appreciate much of my heritage while opposed to some of the things history shows my kinfolk supporting.  A statue of a historical figure isn’t worth the price of hate and hurt.  When we put our feelings about an object ahead of our concern for our fellow man who is made in God’s image just like us, we become idolaters.  Know object should stand between the love we must have for each other.  If that is what it takes to let people come together, so be it.

I have more to say and it will come later.

Grace and peace.