Part 1 of more to come…

Knee-jerk reactions.  I’ve had them often.  When we see the tragedies of Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs it is easy to focus on the end and not the beginning.  It is easy to blame the easy thing and not the hard thing.  I am not here to advocate for guns or gun rights but to call attention to a bigger problem.  Why do these people behind the guns not see the people they are killing as humans, as someone of value, as something we should cherish and build up, not tear down and kill?

One article I read called it dehumanization.  That’s a good word for it.  What has happened to the hearts of these killers that they do not value human life?  What has caused them to lose the decency and morality and goodness that allows them to take human lives, innocent lives?

I am not hearing people call for a hard, deep look at our society.  It has reached a point where our biggest politicians have resorted to name calling and mud slinging and it has filtered down to hatred of people of a different color and religion and it has filtered down to someone killing another.

What is going on in our society that allows one person to treat another so worthlessly?

The problem is in our politics.

The problem is in our schools.

The problem is in our churches.

The problem is in our homes.

The problem is…us.  There is a rampant problem in valuing others who are in a different economic level, social level, racial level.  There is a rampant problem on looking down on those who are poor, sick, homeless, less educated.

I read posts on Facebook by people who are more worried about refugees and statues and taxes and the majority of them proclaim to follow Christ.  (If Christ is first, wouldn’t we see refugees as an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel, wouldn’t we see concerns of racism as a time to talk and heal and wouldn’t we see money as something to give away the way Jesus calls us to and highlights in parables?)

I am taking broad swings.  I am writing big strokes.  I know many will disagree and denounce (and confident most will do it before spending 5 minutes thinking about it) all that I have said.  Yet, killings continue.  Sexual predators continue.

If we aren’t the problem, who is?

Grace and peace.